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Spektrum Shake-speare

Schule und Unterricht 129 b. My personal integrity cannot be attacked by anybody; indeed, I think the others do not realize that they merely fight their own devils when judging me. c. I’d rather be immoral than seem immoral as the others’ judg- ment does not differentiate anyway. d. Why should the others who are even more wicked than I am watch me and criticize deeds that I consider good? e. The others who are even more false than I – why should it be them that bless my playful deeds? f. Perhaps it is me who is honest and direct and it is they who are dishonest and have no right to judge my deeds. g. What counts is that they are convinced in general that all men are bad and corrupt by nature. 2. The speaker meditates upon the difference between being and see- ming. Why was it difficult in Shakespeare’s days to be authentic? Why is this even difficult nowadays? 3. Do you agree with the first line or do you see it as an over-reaction of a vulnerable person? Discuss. 4. In his letter to Lord Burghley from 30 October Oxford furiously inclu- ded the sentence «I am that I am». Briefly explain the circumstances leading to this statement, which is also part of this sonnet. 5. In groups prepare a shared reading of the sonnet, trying to agree on the poem’s tone and mood: Melancholic?Aggressive? Defiant? Light- hearted? Ironical? Does the mood change or remain the same throug- hout the sonnet?