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Spektrum Shake-speare

Schule und Unterricht 126   7 art: skill of any kind   7 scope: area of activity, sphere of influence 10 state: state of mind, feeling 14 state: social status Activities 1. What exactly is meant with the first line? 2. Lines 2 to 9 describe the speaker’s reaction after realizing he is an out- cast; explain them in your own words. 3. Work out what helps him to regain a balanced mental state. 4. Sonnet 29 obviously covers a wide range of feelings and thoughts, which are given emphasis by the use of various stylistic elements. Match the elements that are given in alphabetical (some are used more than once) order to the correct lines or phrases and talk together about their effect in this particular context: anaphora – antithesis – chiasmus – enjambment – enumeration – personification – simile 5. The thought of his beloved leads the speaker out of his depression. Is this a satisfactory solution for you? Why? Why not? Language awareness This poem deals with a variety of positive and negative feelings. Try to formu- late them and visualize them in this «thermometer», finding at least two ex- pressions for one line (one example is given):