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Spektrum Shake-speare

Schule und Unterricht 127 _ _ _ _ _ _ being disliked, not to hide one’s dislike for sb. + ++ +++ Sonnet 121: Lead-in: One person must volunteer to be an outcast. Everybody then writes down on a slip of paper a statement that is supposed to damage this person’s reputation. Next form a passage through which X (the volunteer) has to pass. One after the other then hurls his or her accusa- tion against him, then gives him the slip of paper. In the end the volunteer talks about his experiences and tries to formulate an appropriate verbal res- ponse. While he or she is thinking, the others also write down what they ex- pect him or her to say. OR «The others say … the others say … the others say …» Talk together about the importance of the others’ judgment on you. Should we be immune to- wards it or take it seriously? 121 Tis better to be vile than vile esteemed, When not to be receives reproach of being,